Wednesday, May 24, 2006


There are people... uncomfortable, unhappy with passionate opinions differing from their own... how do we begin the conversation about _anything_ if we can't tolerate another position.

In art, it is the same... I think it would surprise people if they knew how closed many, if not most, artists are... a view other than my own... I cannot tolerate and I must wipe it out. It is our religion... I am... conceptual, perceptual, experiential... This is the only art there can be... my view is the right view. It must be human nature to be so intolerant -- but somehow it seems more interesting to me if we have it all.

(I have my own list of things I cannot tolerate... but of course my list is the right list to have.)

In the end -- at some point -- we still walk out that door for the last time, maybe with a watch in hand, maybe with angry words, maybe not meaning to leave at all -- and then the future overtakes all those things we fought for -- and the next generation will, of course, make the art they choose and usually it will be in spite of us and not because of us.

Still -- I cannot help but love that empty space waiting to be filled. It is my ultimate joy and if you think that I have any ambitions other than that, or helping others to that place, ... then you don't know me.