Saturday, May 06, 2017

My Fellow Americans ...

Citizens -

Look at history.

Once we pledged our troth to lords, kings, emperors –

then we decided we would pledge instead ourselves to one another, that your cause would be my cause and that we would die no more for the glory of others but for those things that really matter –life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness – the benefits of freedom for all –

From many, One –

We need to remember this – to follow the logic of it – through our voices demand compromise and reason – let us see things for what they are – let us then renew our commitment to our common cause and turn away from those who play the games of division.

Let us demand reason and common purpose of our leaders – Let us protect and defend the most vulnerable. Let us answer to our better angels – let us demand the best of ourselves and hold those who are first among us to our highest ideals. Let us make war on cynicism - because it is only in the fitness of our ideals that we can achieve anything of merit.

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